About FLY365 UK

FLY365 UK is operated by husband and wife team Leigh and Beverley Perkins, both qualified pilots, trained by and under the umbrella of Malcolm Howland  of FLY365, the aircraft is based at Sandtoft Airfield, Belton, nr Scunthorpe providing Introductory Flights in North Lincolnshire and the Humber area throughout the year.

Leigh is a qualified CAA/BMAA Microlight pilot instructor, his 27 years of teaching experience assist to deliver the training syllabus in a calm and highly effective manner, as a pilot he has amassed 100's of flying hours and retains 100% safety record.  


FLY365 Microlight Flight Training School is owned and run by Malcolm Howland, FLY365 Algarve operates at the Aerodrome de Manicipal Lagos on Portugal's sunny Algarve.

Malcolm and his fellow instructors have been flying and involved in microlighting for a combined total of over 40 years. All of the instructors are CAA approved and have amassed thousands of flight hours, just teaching people to fly. With FLY365 Algarve, even the British winter can not interrupt your training. Whether you fancy an hour taking in the sights, getting a good start at learning to fly, completing your licence or just mixing your training with the UK school away from home; with 300 days of flyable weather in the Algarve, your dream of flying certainly can become a reality!

All the instructors are CAA approved and have amassed thousands of flying hours teaching people to fly.

Your dream of flying can certainly become a reality with FLY365, where we can provide one-to-one tuition and tailor all courses to your individual needs and circumstances.


One of the best ways to check out any sport is to have a go!


You can choose from a basic tester introductory flight or a full hands-on trial lesson, where you can take the controls and discover if piloting is for you.


Vouchers are valid for one year, visit our Gift Vouchers page and we will have your voucher with you the same day.


FLY365 UK offer flights and training in our Microlights or in your own aircraft.


Our services include:


  • Trial Lessons

  • Introductory Flights 

  • Flight Training

  • Flight Gift Vouchers

Assuming you want to go ahead and learn to fly, you can do this at your own pace - from one hour per month to a full intensive course. Good accommodation is available locally if required. All training is completed on two-seat, dual-control aircraft, with an instructor, using radio intercom and training to the appropriate official syllabus.

Training on your own aircraft, if suitable, is a possibility.


If you are thinking of becoming a pilot, don't be put off by the thought of winter. Although the British winter brings poor weather, some winter days can produce the best flying conditions. Flying on one of those crisp, clear, winter days over a snowscape, in itself, makes learning to fly worthwhile. 


All vouchers are sent same day electronically and are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.


How long will it take to gain my NPPL Microlight licence?


The general "rule of Thumb" has shown itself to be true in the majority of cases for ab-initio students.


  • Half your age in hours will take you to the point of solo flight.
  • You have 10 or 7 hours of solo flight tasks to do, depending on "Full" or Restricted" license.
  • This is followed by 4/5 hours of final polish and preparation for General Skills Test.


Any previous flying experience will shortened the time required.


The syllabus can only gives the minimum hours required to satisfy the training requirements and these have been set by the CAA, generally for the 18 year old who has a brain like a sponge and very good mechanical coordination. The minimum 25 hours guys or girls are only come across once or twice in a instructional career. Don't be disappointed when you calculate the hours probably needed, everyone has been there.